• <strong>Kunmanara Kawiny</strong> / Australia SA b.c.1921 -2013 / <strong>Mona Mitakikil Shepherd</strong> (Collaborating artist) / Australia SA b.1954 / <strong>Tjimpayie Prestley</strong> (Collaborating artist) / Australia SA b.1967 / Pitjantjatjara people / Seven sisters (detail) 2011 / Synthetic polymer paint on linen / 196 x 196.5cm / Purchased 2012 with funds from Margaret Mittelheuser, AM, and Cathryn Mittelheuser, AM, through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation / © The artists
  • <strong>Ruby Tjangawa Williamson</strong> / Australia SA b.1940 / <strong>Nita Williamson </strong>(Collaborating artist) / Australia SA b.1963 / <strong>Suzanne Armstrong </strong>(Collaborating artist) / Australia SA b.1980 / Pitjantjatjarra people / <em>Ngayuku ngura (My country) Puli murpu (Mountain range) </em>(detail) 2012 / Synthetic polymer paint on linen / 197 x 196cm / Purchased 2012 with funds from Margaret Mittelheuser, AM, and Cathryn Mittelheuser, AM, through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation / © Ruby Tjangawa Williamson, Nita Williamson 2012. Licensed by Viscopy, Sydney, 2014
  • <strong>Queenie McKenzie</strong> / Kija (Gidja)/Nakarra people / Australia WA 1915-98 / <em>Texas hills</em> (detail) 1994 / Natural pigments with archival binder (Liquitex Gel) on Belgian linen / 203 x 233.5cm / Purchased 2000. The Queensland Government’s special Centenary Fund and the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation / © The artist
  • Mawalan 1 MARIKA / Rirratjingu people / NT 1908–67 / Wandjuk MARIKA / Rirratjingu people / NT 1927–87 / Larrtjanga GANAMBARR / Ngaymil/Dathiwuy people / NT c.1932–2000 / Nurryurrngu MARIKA / Rirratjingu people / NT b.unknown–1979 / Mowarra GANAMBARR / Dathiwuy people / NT c.1917–2005 / Mithinarri GURRUWIWI / Galpu people / NT 1929–76 / Gungguyama DHAMARRANDJI / Djambarrpuyngu people / NT c.1916–70 / Munggurruwuy YUNUPINGU / Gumatj people / NT c.1907–78 / <em>Yalangbara</em> c.1960 / Natural pigments on eucalyptus bark / 183 x 63cm / Purchased 2003 with funds from the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation Appeal and the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation Grant / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery / © The artists
  • Craig KOOMEETA | Wik-Alkan people | QLD b.1977 | Ku’ (Camp dog) (detail) 2010 | Carved milkwood (Alstonia muellerana) with synthetic polymer paint and glass marbles | 57 x 79 x 16cm | Purchased 2010 with funds from the Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Diversity Foundation through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery | © The artist
  • Frank DJEKULA (Gupapuyngu people NT) | Richard GALNGADIWUY | Henry Gambika NUPURRA (Djambarrpuyngu people NT) | Richard Gandhuwuy GARRAWURRA (Liyagawumirr people NT) | David Lakarriny GURRUWIWI | Gali Yalkarriwuy GURRUWIWI | Henry Dhalnganda GURRUWIWI | Paul GURRUWIWI | Richard Dhaymutha GURRUWIWI | Trevor GURRUWIWI (Galpu people NT) | Wilson LANYDJURRA (Gunbirrtja Malarra people NT) | Ian WURUWUL (Ganalpuyngu people NT) | Terry Dhurritjini YUMBULUL (Warramirri people NT) | Banumbirr (Morning Star poles) (installation view) (detail) | Wood, bark fibre string, cotton thread, feathers, commercial feathers, human hair, native beeswax, natural pigments, synthetic polymer paint | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery | © The artists. Licensed by Viscopy, Sydney, 2013


The QAGOMA Collection Education Resource features artworks from the Collection of the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA).

The resource allows you to create a customised worksheet that can be used in the classroom as a stand-alone tool, and also to prepare students for self-guided visits to the Gallery to view works on display*.

The resource features:

  • artwork profiles organised by Collection area theme and teaching level
  • sub-themes to further refine your selection
  • artwork images plus short artist biographies and information about the artworks
  • suggested discussion questions and activities
  • a glossary of art terms
  • Teacher notes with curriculum information


For more information on scheduling a class visit to the Gallery click here or email educationbookings@qagoma.qld.gov.au.

Warning: It is customary in many Indigenous communities not to mention the name or reproduce photographs of the deceased. All such mentions and photographs in this resource have been reproduced with permission. However, care and discretion should be exercised in using this resource within Indigenous communities.

*Please note: Some works may not be on display during your visit to the Gallery. Display status is indicated with each artwork profile.